戏班 (meaning Opera Troupe) - 把你埋在土里 I Bury You in the Ground

I stumbled across this album yesterday in a little art gallery in the M50 creative district along Moganshan Road in Shanghai. (If you guys have a chance, the place is a treasure trove of independent chinese contemporary art galleries.) This particular store had a tiny collection of autographed CDs from a few local indie bands, including rock band Duck Fight Goose, mongolian folk singer 杭盖 Hanggai and Shanghai experimental rock band 顶楼的马戏团 (which means “the circus troupe upstairs”). 

Before yesterday, I’d never heard of 戏班 (his Douban sitebefore, but the awesome shop lady played me this song and I just had to get the album. It’s a brand of experimental folk that draws extensively from mongolian/tibetan roots (I’m not experienced enough to tell clearly). I cant really describe it, except that it’s incredibly haunting and expansive (and would sound amazing in surround sound).

Here are the haunting lyrics fyeahcindie:

把你埋在土里 I bury you in the ground

来年种上一枝花 And plant a flower the next year

把你埋在土里 I bury you in the ground

来年花又生了花 And the flower blooms again the following year

用你腐烂的身体哟 Use your decomposing body

滋润着她 To nourish it

用她销魂的姿色吔 Use it’s mesmerizing beauty

把你忘记 To forget you

把你忘记 To forget you

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I’ve been thinking - maybe “hope” is what you feel when you’re thinking of someone else.

It’s Okay, It’s Love Highlights

This might already be perfect. 드라마, 빨리와!

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Walk In the Rain
Zzyzx Project · Walk In the Rain - Single
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ZZYZX Project - Walk in the Rain

I love guys with ajhussi voices, especially when they sing such emphatic alternative folk. 

FYI, ZZYZX is pronounced Ji-Jiks 

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Hello Nico · 浮游城市
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Hello Nico - 花

I realize I haven’t posted any music in a while. Hello Nico’s new EP really lit up my life when I heard it last week. I haven’t been this moved by music in a while. Even though her songs aren’t really groundbreaking in any way, I guess they’re of the perfect indie rock type that has always spoken most to me, and as it proves, still do. 

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"The road you are taking is endlessly long.
But why do you clench your teeth and keep going?” 

Lots of premiers this week! I also checked out Wakamonotachi 2014 (meaning Young People) the other day. This is a remake of a hit 1966 drama, and just the cast alone got me crazy excited for this. A drama that can gather all the biggest names together has to be good, right?

Apparently not always, though only 1 ep has aired so I’ll continue sticking around for another ep at least.

Wakamonotachi is an ensemble drama (something Jdramas are fond of, and can be extremely good at), looking at the lives of 5 siblings who grew up together without their parents. 

There’s big brother Asahi (Tsumabuki) who’s the responsible, self-sacrificing one, but ends up impregnating his girlfriend Azusa (Aoi Yu); 2nd bro Satoru (Eita) who’s just got out of prison for murder; 3rd sister Hikari (Mitsushima) a nurse who’s having an affair with the married doctor at work; 4th bro Haru (Emoto) who’s a struggling but passionate actor and youngest bro Tadashi (Shuhei) who loses his virginity to his mysterious and manipulative high school classmate Kazumi (Ai Hashimoto).

Much like other ensemble dramas, each sibling has his or her own problems, and their stories are all linked by the strong familial bond they all share. The main thing bugging me is that the show seems to be trying too hard to sell how screwed up all the siblings are. Though I love the actors, I haven’t been bought by any of their characters nor their problems yet. Eita’s 2nd bro is the wild card here, who doesnt really appear in Ep 1 until the end when his appearance after just being let out of prison literally and figuratively shakes all the others’ lives up. It seems like he isn’t that welcome at home, and is probably the least attached to the other 4. The 30 seconds he did appear though, Eita lit up the screen and brought some fresh air into what was mostly a rather sappy overwrought episode.

I still really want this to be good though. Last Friends did an excellent job even with all the really extreme problems each character faced. Hopefully things will pick up next ep now that most of the set-up is done.

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Kudos to Dramabeans’ recap and recommendation, I zipped through Ep 1 for a ride. It seems like I’m in the minority about this at the moment: the show is directed like an old-school taiwan idol drama (think the taiwan Hana Kimi) in that acting is way over-the-top, absolutely zero subtlety in writing,  juvenile music choices and choppy flow.

Even darling Kim Sae Ron (who is drowning in all her outfits, though that may the physical representation of her fish-out-of-water situation) can’t save this for me. I’m not sure if it’s the directing, but she’s also acting very cartoony and silly. 

Most of the episode revolved around the human drama (boys with mommy issues, classroom politics etc) which were as cliche as it gets. It was basically 10 mins of fast-forwarding + 2 mins of Kim Sae Ron being retarded but can-I-squish-your-little-cheeks cute. 

The only plot thread I was curious about was the fantasy part - why did she turn human after saving a human? can she go back? As with all fantasy fish-out-of-water stories, the point is to explore what it means to be human, and I can see the show being more interesting if it did go for the wise “little” grim-reaper who thinks she knows so much about humans after probably ages of watching them die, then actually experiencing living and having to relearn or reconsider all that she thought she knew. 

Sadly though I have zero interest in the developing friendship between little angel and the two boys, and what is most likely a love triangle of sorts (if it turns out to be friendship instead, I’ll be very pleasantly surprised). The two idols are decent, I can’t say much about Sung Yeol since we barely see him yet, but Woo Hyun is passable for his role.

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