"I know. What did I do for 26 years?"


Jdrama mellow + Kdrama visual 


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"I feel like I’m drying off a wet dog".


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#OccupyCentral #HongKong

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A little bit of my summer, to make up for the hiatus.

  1. Zhou Zhuang 周庄, China
  2. Tsingdao Beer Festival, China
  3. Tram Station near Happy Valley Racecourse, Hong Kong
  4. Sam Shui Po 深水埗 street market, Hong Kong
  5. Somewhere along north coast of Taiwan
  6. Rainbow Village 彩虹村, Taichung 台中, Taiwan
  7. Hello Nico @ Legaci Mini, Taipei
  8. Ruifang 瑞芳 Train Station, Taiwan
  9. Releasing the lantern, Shifen 十分, Taiwan (If you’ve seen the movie You Are The Apple of My Eye 那些年我们一起追的女孩, this might be familiar ;)
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Haha I go MIA for a week and come back to 2000 followers O.O 

IOIL is ending next week there goes my life.

P.S. Taiwan is a dream guys. 

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낙엽 엔딩
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Jang Beom June - 낙엽 엔딩


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Watching Surplus Princess:

[Main plot] *Yawns* *okay Jo Bo Ah is adorbs* *okay Song Jae Rim is soooo sexy but sooo sleazy lol*

[Random bizarre hilar WTFFFF scene with amazing over-the-top music] HAHAHAHAHA *dying* 

It’s a struggle. Just when I get bored, they give me some lustful shameless female lead hilarity or Kim Seul Gi awesomeness and I cave for 10 more mins. Cycle repeats.

I can’t quite explain it but the new trendy rom-coms are all taking this “quirky” + very “PPL-ish” vibe that’s funny and relatable, but also very plastic. They don’t so much tell stories as trigger reaction after reaction. It’s almost like filming a drama with tumblr gif-sets as the end-goal.

The same goes for OSTs, I really appreciate how dramas are diversifying away from the same-old melodramatic orchestral music or sad ballads and incorporating a large variety of genres into the background music. I admit I’m very easily affected by music, so much so that it can make or break a show for me.

With Surplus Princess for example, I sometimes feel a little manipulated because every scene there’s a different song with a different emotional impact playing, and it becomes distracting. Though I think with this show (made by the people behind SNL) spoof and tricks are exactly what was intended.

Edit: Maybe I should be more precise, new tvN rom-coms

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"This is what it looks like". 

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"She’s into food-porn".

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