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낙엽 엔딩
장범준 (Jang Beom June) · 장범준 1집
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Jang Beom June - 낙엽 엔딩


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Watching Surplus Princess:

[Main plot] *Yawns* *okay Jo Bo Ah is adorbs* *okay Song Jae Rim is soooo sexy but sooo sleazy lol*

[Random bizarre hilar WTFFFF scene with amazing over-the-top music] HAHAHAHAHA *dying* 

It’s a struggle. Just when I get bored, they give me some lustful shameless female lead hilarity or Kim Seul Gi awesomeness and I cave for 10 more mins. Cycle repeats.

I can’t quite explain it but the new trendy rom-coms are all taking this “quirky” + very “PPL-ish” vibe that’s funny and relatable, but also very plastic. They don’t so much tell stories as trigger reaction after reaction. It’s almost like filming a drama with tumblr gif-sets as the end-goal.

The same goes for OSTs, I really appreciate how dramas are diversifying away from the same-old melodramatic orchestral music or sad ballads and incorporating a large variety of genres into the background music. I admit I’m very easily affected by music, so much so that it can make or break a show for me.

With Surplus Princess for example, I sometimes feel a little manipulated because every scene there’s a different song with a different emotional impact playing, and it becomes distracting. Though I think with this show (made by the people behind SNL) spoof and tricks are exactly what was intended.

Edit: Maybe I should be more precise, new tvN rom-coms

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"This is what it looks like". 

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"She’s into food-porn".

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All the rom-coms in my life these days. 

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When are these two getting together?

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Let’s go to a hotel.